Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Ok, here goes. On location here in the D. of C. Epicenter of Grand Larceny in the guise of Good Governance and Altruism. The vibes are like to kill me... ;-)

uneventful trip into DC, but what is up w) the security @ MIDWEST?
I shopped for shoes that were non-ferrous, but they insisted. Got me flustered and
later, had no clear recollection of putting my laptop back in my bag. This as the plane was within 30min. of Reagan Nat. when we were all required to stay in our seats, of course. I think that was a good thing. Forced me to realize that there was really no problem. Either it was there, or it wasn't. Either they still had it back in KC or they didn't. Very liberating.

BTW, I just decided I need some standard for searches, so: TCEnt stands for Travel Compendium Entry.

TCEnt: Midwest (formerly Express) is no longer serving real food on real china. Going the way of the lemmings w) box lunches for sale... :-/ Have no idea yet about the cookies...

Ate last night at Tryst http://www.trystdc.com/images_homepage/homepage.cfm
Free WiFi, excellent Coffee and the most Awesome pile-of-weeds I have ever encountered.
watercress and mesclun topped with blue cheese, walnuts and pear slices served with a d'Anjou pear vinaigrette
HUGE. I could have done without, but enjoyed tremendously the Mozzarella Salad
Fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted red pepper strips and fresh basil leaves, topped with balsamic vinaigrette and cracked pepper

Very 'Central Perkish' with funky decor. Outlets available. Sat in the back corner next to the restroom.

I gave Kathleen a nice tip in SPITE of her satirical presidential T. Check out the newsletter.
I suppose she does not have to worry about these things much, given the clientele, but
SHUT UP and Wait Tables. Like I said, not a major miss-step ala Natilie Maines, but still.
I said nothing, maybe if her commercial enterprise succeeds and she actually starts paying
taxes...Oh NO, I forget myself, no fed. income tax.

BTW, how come I am taxed without representation if I work in another state?

Ultimate geek evening of investigating other DC WiFi spots for Tues. evening... ;-)
Also searched for likely NYC access points around Time Square in anticipation of the LSN Theater trip in June.

More l8r, have to get back to the Wardman Park...