Friday, January 07, 2005

Totally Un-Scientific Indicators of New Year's Resolutions err, well... Resolution

Two items:
I heard on this morning's news the results of Men's Fitness magazine's most fittest cities list:
Most fit:  Seattle
Least fit: Houston  (Must be all that BBQ & Tex-Mex...  ;->)
KC rated No. 17, if I remember correctly.
I then arrived @ the office and took my first reading on the resolve of my fellow cube-ites on that most infamous of all New Year's Resolutions:
Lose some weight. 
For the record, Mr. Gadgets did well in this regard for 2004  (Admittedly, all the weight came off in the first half of the year, with the time since the NYC theater vacation week in 'holding-pattern' mode.  At least mostly so.)   I lost well over 10% of my body-weight, but less than 15%.  I need to re-start the downward path.
ANYWAY, each Friday, the Silver Spoon, the Breakfast/Lunch cafe on the ground floor of my building, brings in Lamar's doughnuts.
(For those unfamiliar with KC, Lamar's is a local landmark.)
For the last few years, I have noticed a unique aspect of the Friday sugar-n-lard-packed treats:
Only in the first few weeks of January do these delicacies last past 9:00am.
Usually there are fewer and fewer left at this late hour as the month goes on, with the first Friday in Feb. finding us back to normal operations, i.e. get there early to get insulin-shock.
This morning there were only two items left in the box: a cake doughnut (my personal least-favorite from Lamar's.) and a long-john.  (The long-john may NOT have been filled, thus lowering it's near-magical pull on the human pallette.)
Looks like the prospects for next year's poll on fitness don't look good...


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