Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Yesterday, while taking a break from shopping at the Borders just down the road, I made a new acquaintance. He noticed the small-format magazine I was reading and inquired as to the nature of the publication. In the subsequent conversation, he related an interest in learning web-programming and in mathematics, which, like me, he had last seriously studied back in the seventies.

I gave him the link to my site, www.mrgadgets.com, in the hopes that he would find his way here. I have an idea on how to make that path more obvious, but, barring that, will add a link there manually to lead the way.

Part of this blog is for my benefit to help me keep track of interesting sites.
I like to think they might also benefit others.

So, here are some of the quick results, most of which I have used in my journey of self-instructed HTML coding:


As to mathematics, in the techie path I have taken the need for higher math has not presented itself on a daily basis. My former knowledge has long-since faded. My interest, however, waxes.

So I too will be searching for tutorials on the ever-fascinating subject of numbers and their ever-present role in our world.

Here is a start:

Now, go learn something new!


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