Wednesday, June 14, 2006


My oldest friend sent me this article about a bunch of idiots.

His e-mail did not include a subject line. I added that here.

I had, in fact already heard about this particular group's rally in one of our National Parks.

One of the local TV stations ran this item as a teaser for the 10 o'clock news the other night.
The talking head's line was something to the effect of: Learn why this group rallied, next @ 10...

Now, I already knew the answer.
They're idiots.

What DID seem strange is the notion that anybody didn't already realize that and that any rally
would, given the ir-refut-able FACT that they ARE idiots would be deemed news-worthy.
(Just in case any of the idiots in question actually happen upon this little posting, here is an
explanation of the above:
ir = not, negation i.e. you can't
refute = prove false, negate logically
able = Having sufficient power or resources to accomplish something,Susceptible to action or treatment)

Given the problem of people mistaking the fact that the Government, by allowing such free-speech rights to be practiced on public lands, might actually be endorsing this useless drivel, I suppose that talking about it on the news is a necessary evil.

But not nearly so Evil as the doggerel that passes as rhetoric with These People.

In fact These People are a perfect example of the a little contest known as the
Darwin Awards.

These People are correct, there is a genetic defect exhibited by certain members of our society.

These People are, indeed a PRIME example of traits that the gene-pool would be better off without.

Oh WoW! I just realized, as I have been ranting away here, I've started actually sounding like These People. Except, in their case, they use the word those.
As in Those People.

Funny. Made a mistake there.

Or did I?


At 1:34 PM, Blogger Brandon Roberts said...

Wow I hadn't heard about that. Interresting that there are still people alive that think like this.

Onward to go hang out with Elvis and the dodo birds.


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