Tuesday, August 15, 2006

From Liberty-Watch.com

In a free market, you don't have to care about your fellow man - you just have to serve him


If pursuing profit is greed, economist Walter Williams told me, then greed is good, because it drives us to do many good things. "Those areas where people are motivated the most by greed are the areas that we're the most satisfied with: supermarkets, computers, FedEx." By contrast, areas "where people say we're motivated by 'caring'" - public education, public housing etc. - "are the areas of disaster in our country. ... How much would get done," Williams wondered, "if it all depended on human love and kindness?"

Greed gets people to cooperate. If you want to benefit from other greedy people, you have to make sure they benefit from you. Consider one of the wonders of our age, the supermarket. There are thousands of products on the shelves. How'd they get there?

Go read the rest, ponder, then answer this question:

Is John Stossel the only sane human being on Network Television?

I think so, PLEASE point me toward another if they exist!!!!


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