Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hi from Siam Plaza in Bangkok!

Hi guys!

OK, I know, what am I doing sitting in a coffee shop sending
you and e-mail on my Sunday in this so very foreign land?

Well, it is 'the rainy season' and today it is making up for the many days last week with very little rain.

So, what to do on a rainy day when you don't want to go to the outside tourist sites?

Go Shopping! (Thais are VERY serious about three things: their King, eating and shopping!)

Yesterday I did go to a unique Bangkok experience, the week-end market. This thing is supposedly the largest market in the world, and I would believe it.

Today, I am the Siam Plaza shopping complex. Think of it as all of the fanciest shopping in a large city concentrated into several multi-story buildings. In KC it would be 'The Country Club Plaza'. Other cities I travel to usually would call this 'The Galleria'. LOTS of stuff WAY too high-end for my usual shopping habits. (MrGadgets does not, by and large, even think about Georgio Armani when he goes clothing shopping, let alone go looking for those labels...) Not only do they have that kind of thing here, but MUCH more.

I have pictures to put up on Flickr. There are Automobile stores here, IN THE MALL, ON UPPER FLOORS: Lamborgini, Ferrari and Lotus!

I have never seen a new Lotus before! I was going to buy a keyfob or something but THEY cost 1700 Baht (about $50!).

I did find a mobile phone store (they are CRAZY for mobiles here!) and I am going to try my pre-pay SIM card when I return to my apartment. Only 100 Baht (about $3!) for the card and 150 Baht ($4.50) to load up some minutes. At 2 Baht a minute it will be much cheaper than using my US number.

Well, more later, MrGadgets, signing off...