Sunday, June 08, 2008

Surprising Trip to Sears Grand

After Lunch @ 5 Guys, my wife suggested a visit to the Sears Grand before a trip by the HyVee store for food stuffs.

I had only briefly visit the store after it made the transition from Super K-Mart form.

K-Mart was a source of some staples of my wardrobe at that time, and those selections were no longer stocked. I fell off my radar. (Do you find yourself wondering how some businesses stay in business. 'I never shop/eat there...' Just wondering.)

This trip had time to wander the aisles. Interesting selection of tech/electronics. Arguably better than the K. Although they suffer from the same pricing problems that everyone seems to, this instance seemed extra strange: 1GB SD card PNY = $9.99, 3-pack of 1GB SD cards PNY $39.99?!?! ;-)

Excellent selection of tools, mostly Craftsman (of course!) so further trips are in order.

Of special note:
ICP Solar Charger Panel

After coming home, I also found these items on
IceTech Foldable solar battery - 2800mAh high capacity rechargeable polymer battery

IceTech Portable pocket solar battery

Hmmmm, talk about Wish Lists... ;-)