Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Review: Legally Blonde - The Musical (National Touring Company - Starlight Theater, KCMO Opening Night 090630)

How would you describe Elle Woods?
Cute, perky, energetic and way more intelligent and clever than you
might first suspect. And Pink, VERY Pink...
That also describes her musical... ;-)
The cast was consistently good, with outstanding energy and were
undeterred by the unique venue.
Starlight is an outdoor theater, with all the challenges that entails.
Up to and including winged 'extras'
flying overhead into the fly-space. (The stage was covered sometime in
the last 25 years, I forget when.
Back when I trod those boards there were not the amenities, AC,
normal-sized sets, etc. I remember
dancing in the rain and stomping in the puddles on-stage during one
night of Oliver...
Back the THIS show: (Sorry about lack of names, Playbook is @ home)
The young lady playing Elle Woods
was excellent, but I would expect nothing else, given her bio.
Paulette was also everything you could hope for.
And Emmet played it to a T, with a few chances to show off a fine voice to boot.
Filed under - OMG Moments in live theater: The actress playing fitness
mogul Brooke Wyndham performing
"Whipped into Shape" HOW could she sing that well while performing
such a demanding physical number?
Has to be seen to be believed!
AND as it is MUSICAL Theater: Vivienne is outstanding when given a
chance to open up the pipes.
In short: A Pinktacular Good Time was had by All!
Trust me, I AM a trained professional, not just someone who criticizes
people for a living @ the KC Star...
(Not sure what show HE saw.)Insert Bronx Cheer here

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