Monday, May 24, 2010

End of an Era OR What happens when the last server goes out of Long-Term Support...

According to this: the last of the Titans is fading into memory. There are few who are around who still remember life on the interNET as opposed to the InterWEBS. It was a mythical time of magic and giants. You could pose a question on UseNet and get a response from THE World-Class Researcher/Programmer willing to impart to you all you needed to solve your Query. It was Nerd-vana. In many ways I miss it. But it was a closed world, of, by and for Geeks. And those geeks were reading things that Ted Nelson said about how cool it would be to have hyper-linked text. It would be true Computer Liberation. Inspired by Stewart Brand's Whole Earth Catalog our then paper-based world's guide and reference point for all kinds of before unknown information and tools, we were inspired by Ted's vision of having all this and more in an electronic book you could carry with you! We may not have flying cars, but we do have this.

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