Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Catch up time on Tuesday night's dining/coffee finds.
First stop, The CyberStop. Kind of a let down, considering their site.
The Claim of 'CyberSTOP cafe Washington DC 's ONLY internet / cyber cafe ... ' seems a bit over the top, but the site promises more than the reality delivers.
Kind of a hole in the wall, with a style that comes off more 'worn at the edges' than the funkyness of Tryst the night before. Did not venture upstairs. Does have computers available, if you do not have a device handy.
Did not expect much in the food dept. The online menu only featured sandwiches and various desserts. (The desserts, which I did my best to ignore, did look quite good.)
They were out of sandwiches, but the coffee was quite good. WiFi was great.
Settled in and learned a bit more about the regular crowd than I needed, but overall, an OK experience. Saw no sign of the claimed WiFi cards for sale, but they are horrendously overpriced anyway. They do have Ethernet ports available, some with cables. Plenty of power and a bay window, if you don't mind a stool. Location reasonably convenient for an Urban warrior. Three blocks east of Dupont Circle just north of P. (What is it with the different sized blocks? Did L'Enfant think it made it more French? I checked some maps, no discernible pattern I could make out...)
While contemplating another cup, or just packing it in, I found the next gem:
SoHo Tea & Coffee
Three blocks West of Dupont at the corner of P and 22nd on the south side. (Apparently the circle is not named after the chemical company, but some General.) Nice. Shabby Chic where the CyberStop is just Shabby... Has Free WiFi, excellent house blend and some lovely salad/South Beach choices along with the 'normal' food. Nice looking desserts also.
Recommended: Southwestern bean soups. (I loaded it up with extra chunks of onion. Mmmmmmm) Skipped the South Beach Plate and tried the Chicken and Tuna Salad scoops w) house salad combo. They have Italian dressing, so that's what I had. ;-)
Found a nice table next to the back wall, plugged in and found Blogger.COM!!! Made the first entry and here we are! BTW, no Plastic, but on-site ATM is a minus. Practically next to the Marriott Residence Inn on P for you Points collectors. Might be close enough to hitch from your room if you are on the West side... The RI might be offering free access anyway, from something some of the regulars from work indicated. It is a longer walk to the red line, but there are no inclines, and the DuPont area has a nice selection of eateries. Besides, you will need to walk off that self-service waffle you cookedn yourself for breakfast... (sigh)