Tuesday, April 27, 2004

And Now for Something Completely Different - A TECHNOLOGY POST!

One the way into Westport, Mr. Gadgets stopped by the Radio Shack store to check their stock on one particular clearance item. While there I took a look around for, well, gadgets! ;-)

The place was in dis-array. Some sort of Tandy swat-team had descended on the place and was re-arranging every display in the joint.

I guess I would have missed these items one more time if it had not been for their unusual placement.

As luck would have it though, I got a look at some unique USB hubs I have not seen anywhere else.

The 4-Port USB 1.1 Micro Hub with Carry Pouch is certainly compact, but suffers from the same complaint I have with all my other USB hubs. The ports are spaced to close. Don't hub designers use USB Drives?!?

The 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub does better at addressing this.

Even better? The Illuminations™ Mini 4-Port USB 1.1 Hub which spaces the ports out at 90 degree angles. Plus, it has that whole moded case look with the lights. If it just came in a 2.0 version, I would have carried one home.


But it's nice to see the old 'shack can still surprise me...