Friday, April 23, 2004

Tempus Iocus

I have spent a lot of time thinking about time lately. ;-)

I suppose it is a combination of things:
Multiple funerals gets one thinking of his mortality.
The end of the school year and the multiple annual events that have become familiar after five years.
(I am the proud father of a Freshman in College and a Sophomore in High School. Of course, you wouldn't think it to look at me. Well, come to think of it, you would.)

So a few, hopefully humorous observations on time:

First, who exactly are these fiends who sneak into my house every night and remove the space between the numbers on my clocks? ;-)

Seriously, I feel like Jennifer Garner. (OK, I know what a HUGE leap that is, especially for those who actually know what I look like. If you need a moment, I can wait... OK? Good.) The difference is, instead of jumping directly from 13 to 30, I'm jumping in smaller increments. I SWEAR that Megan's senior year Theater Banquet was just last week...

I heard this on year's ago and wrote it down to spread cheer around the office. Cleaning out my desk at work the other day (a whole opera in itself) I ran across the sheet of paper.

Another reason time has been on my mind is an e-mail interchange with my oldest friend regarding a posting on the monetaristic aspects of gold.

So, as a little warm-up for a future post I'm still formulating in my head, some mathematical manipulations related to time:

We all know Power = Work / Time

Now we know that Knowledge is Power
Time is Money
(Really Money is Time, but that's part of what we are going to get into in that future post… ;->)

Through simple substitution we arrive at:
Knowledge = Work / Money

Simple algebraic manipulation leads us to restate this as:

Money = Work / Knowledge

Now, please note that as Knowledge decreases, Money increases regardless of Work… ;-)

Anyway, expect much more on time in the future. (Ba Dum Bump)