Thursday, April 15, 2004

Catching up on 'paper-work' @ the office and could not believe the significant date I missed.
Imagine being distracted the last few weeks...

Palm Sunday was 04/04/04.

admittedly, similar dates will occur each of the next eight years.
But consider, the same dates will not occur again until the NEXT century...

Perhaps we should use these to reflect on the new century, still so young, still so full of promise.
Or slipping backwards? Who can tell?
I prefer to think it is the former. Jeff Duntemann calls his blog ( the Contra-Positive Diary.
While I don't know that I think of myself as a contrarian, and, thusly don't think that is the impression of others, I do sometimes feel I play the part of the Curmudgeon. (n : a crusty irascible cantankerous old person full of stubborn ideas)
Truly, I still find the world a wondrous place, full of beauty and mystery, if we just stop to notice.
And to live in such a time as this, at the very start of not only a new century, but a new millennium...
(Pop Quiz: Class when did this event occur? Hint: Did we have a year 0? I know, I know. NPR lumped me in with the 'picky literialists'...)

BTW, what IS the consensus going to be for what we call this first decade?
The 00's? Michael Flynn's characters lived through the 'Naughty Oughts'.
I prefer the tribute to Jethro. We should call them the 'Double-Naughts'... ;-)
Any ideas? E-mail me:

I have always had more respect for the Flynn's who write about the near future.
Too easy to get it wrong. I can think of half a dozen great reads that still have much to teach, marred by now evident differences with the actual timeline.

It takes more courage to try to predict what may happen in a decade than to hypothesize futuristic space operas...

What a time to be alive. Our parents lived through more technological change than all the previous history of man. How ever will we top that?

The very thought is so exciting/terrifying it boggles the mind.

SOOOOO, take the time to mark these special days. Some would have us believe that the Mayans were correct and we only have until 2012 or so anyway... ;-)

The truth of what we will see may be MUCH stranger than fiction...

I wait, expectantly.