Monday, March 29, 2004

I may not know what I like, but I know Art...

Art, the subject of myriad opinion. Far beyond this discussion.

Having spent a good portion of my youth studying music right across the street from the Kansas City Art Institute have left me with definite opinions on what is and what passes for Art.

Endless debate on the meaning of this or that subject.
What is the symbolic significance of this shape that setting?

I 'experienced' Christo's installation on the sidewalks of Loose Park, an extrapolation on many such ideas the art students next door attempted.

No, I do NOT like the shuttlecocks and don't get me started on those column toppers on Bartle hall...

All of this regarding permanent or semi-permanent instances of the visual arts.

Now, imagine yourself painting a picture with pure light.
That your sculpture was of fog and mist, as ephemeral as a cloud.
That the experience of your art was through the active participation of your audience,
for the duration of it's performance.

Music. Theater. Opera, the merger of the two.

Fleeting glimpses of the soul poured out into vibrations of the air.

Passing into nothingness.

So brief.

If one is not alert, one will miss it.
Miss the unique fusion of the piece and the artist interpretation into the expression of all that it is to be a human being.

Last weekend I saw a group of high school students combine there talents both vocally and instrumentally to make music.

Making music is a wonderful, fulfilling thing.

I heard the promise of the future and saw some face great fear.

And then there were those who went beyond.

Who transcended into that magical place...

Where art occurs.

Always be ready, or you will miss it...