Thursday, March 11, 2004

I ate lunch in the sunny crystal atrium on the East side of the Air and Space Museum.

Having taken care of spiritual matters, I had time to have some fun.

As a child during the '60s and a science/math/SF geek, the Air and Space Museum will always be cool.

Ate lunch at McDonald's?!? (The grilled chicken Cobb salad was actually quite tasty.)

Wandered the galleries a bit and just enjoyed looking around.
The mail carrying bi-plane. The TWA single-engine looking more like a WWII fighter than a postal freighter. The DC3 and Boening 247. The space planes. The technology of promise and hope and exploration. Reminding us of where we have been and need to go again.

Easy to forget we have only been flying for a hundred years.

I leave to fly on a modern jet and will have hardly a thought to safety as it relates to the physics of flight.

Science. Cause and effect. Engineering.

It is in the causes that result in evil acts of evil men that we are still rank amateurs.