Sunday, March 21, 2004

One last thing B4 bed.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the start of the Iraq war.
Conveniently, it falls on a Saturday, so all the 'reds' could come out in force and not risk time off work...
('reds' - See or, even better take a look at for the 'World's Simplest Political Quiz' or the more complex
and start thinking in TWO deminsions politically. Really now, Communism/Fascism? Not the same thing people!)

I hear so much spin and hyperbole one hesitates to even attempt the application of logic... :-/

I will make these statements:

I distinctly much remember many calling for more UN involvement and more weapons inspections.

I do NOT remember anyone making statements that the WMD's did not exist.

I find it hard to believe anyone making such claims would not have found a willing press to publicize such remarks.

What do we have one year later:

Many re-writing history and claiming they were saying there were no WMD's all along.

No firm evidence of WMD's. (Which is NOT the same as evidence the NEVER existed.)

Ample evidence of the corruption in the UN Oil for Food program.

Ample self-righteous wailing and gnashing of teeth decrying the war and maintaining the Iraqi people would be better off living under a Tyrannical Regime...

(OF COURSE the UN doesn't think we should depose tin-pot dictators. Most of the member states are RUN by DICTATORS!!!!!)