Sunday, March 14, 2004

Ack! The 'ol T20 was making some strange noises last night. Tonight I reboot after an install of new Palm related software for the new TH55 and ...
Blue Screen of Death!!!!!! Can't even boot the beast!

So, how you may ask, is the wizard posting this if his machine won't boot?
Why, grasshopper, through the wonders of bootable linux!
Specifically KNOPPIX the granddaddy of the LiveCD Distros!

While I post, my laptop, running a lovely flavor of Debian, is copying files to a USB HD.

More on KNOPPIX in the future. MrGadgets might just make the transition to using a KNOPPIX based 'virtual' personal laptop environment yet. Just those pesky pieces of software that the wizard uses on a semi-regular basis. 4 instance, is behaving quite well for this post, but the spell-check pop-up window does not...
That and the Windows only nature of the Sony/Palm PDA...

Update: The original attempt to Preview this Post also failed.
This was using Mozilla. (1.4.4 is included on the CD.)
Tried again with Konqueror, the other web browser included with the CD when using the default KDE desktop. Spell-Check pops up and has an even BETTER UI than Explorer in Windows!

I guess if you see this it must have posted OK!

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