Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Under God

Two little words. A mere three sylables.
And yet the cause of such furor.

Science is the pervue of observation, repeatability, measurment.
When we can observe and measure, and then others can repeat the process
and observe the same thing, it exists. If not, it does not.

But wait. Did Neutrinos exist before we had a method of observation and measurment?
Why, yes, they did. We lacked the ability to detect them.
The ultimate extention of 19th century scientific method taken to the ultimate sub-microscopic level, beyond atomic particles to the quantum.
Where our very observation CHANGES the phenomenon.

Or taken two the opposite extreme. the ultimate MACRO, we now can observe that the universe is expanding and measure the rate.

Beyond our perception at the Micro or Macro.
Is this where God exists?

The 19th century mind-set would tell us no.
We are superstitious fools.

And retreat into their hypotheses and theories.
Their BELIEF that everything is explainable.

Admitedly, the main protagonist in this little drama is both a
Doctor of Medicine and of Jurisprudence.

Surely a man so learned could come up with some viable alternative.
Under nothing really, just a massive series of coincidences and random
mutations that, after the miracle of the tooth-and-nail existence of survival
has resulted in a rational being with no need for any belief in any grand force
or scheme or being.

Tell you what, we'll allow MORE than three sylables. Kind of like the various
translations of the Lord's Prayer. (I, like all singers, favor Debts/Debtors.)
Get back with me on that one and we'll arrange everything quite nicely for all.

Hmmm, maybe we can make other parts optional as well?
Being a states rights type, and always wanting to keep my options open,
might have a problem with the indivisible thing...

One thind is for sure.

God doesn't think he has a double-doctorate...