Thursday, April 01, 2004

The Wyandotte Nation has a Downtown KCK Casino, much in the news of late.

I will state my long-time opinion:
Given the atrocious behavior of the U.S. Government regarding their treaty obligations.
Given a appallingly large portion of Americans think it is perfectly fine to license/regulate people's vices.
All licensed casinos should be the purview of various Indian Nations.

Here is the instant message I just sent Tom Becka on KMBZ:

First, AMEN to Personal Resposibility!

The reason for my message:

According to your 'sensitive' caller Mayor Carol Marinovich would be in favor if it was done 'properly.'

She indicated what 'properly' means in her quote heard on KMBZ morning news.

The city/county wants their cut.

Any Government at any level, it's all about the taxes...

The Personal Resposibility comment was in response to an earlier caller.
Of course, if the Government is going to officially license casinos and accept their largesse, how can they NOT be responsible for their 'addiction'?

After all, they do call such things Sin TAXES.

Make no mistake as to what is really important here.

It's all about the money...