Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Fame vs. Repute

I was quite excited to note in a periodic Google (IBaNaaV):

I have been cited by another website!


(Scroll down to the Scot's Invented entry..)

It links to another entry that mentions the same post:

Wow! Someone actually found me! I wrote my oldest friend about my prospective fame and happy dance!

Then, I found yet another quote from Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver (The Baroque Cycle, Vol. 1) that put it in perspective.

Daniel Waterhouse, having been thrown into the Tower, is being visited by Hooke, who has just lamented his stature within the Royal Society and among Natural Philosophers in general relative to Newton. Daniel rightly points out that, while Newton delves into thoughts no man has ever thought relative to Geometry and Mathematics, Hooke has seen things no one else has ever observed. That he was Newton's equal, but in a different talent. He does observe that, though he (Waterhouse) will endeavor to proclaim this for all who will hear, he may not achieve the notoriety he deserves while either is alive. For:

"Fame is a weed, but Repute is a slow growing Oak, and all we can do during our time here is act like squirrels hopping around planting acorns."

In truth, the fact that someone completely independent has found this site and felt it worthy of mention is a source of great joy to me. I am attempting something here that is worthwhile.

I do not envision this leading to notoriety, but if others find it at all useful, it will have accomplished something.

As far as that goes, for me, it is a self-sufficient project.
This is just gravy.

Vis-a-vis that quote bringing me back down to earth, I know I keep mentioning this but:

And people say their is no God


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