Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Think your vacation photos are impressive? - Try these...

I have had cameras and trips on my mind of late. I am traveling with my HS Sophomore daughter and twenty-some of her fellow thespians to NYC this Saturday. Should be great fun! More postings to come from the myriad Free WiFi spots in Gotham.

Here is a great example of how interesting Google can be.
A search for a new collapsible monopod, available in New York:

Resulted, at the time, in this article as the fourth hit:
To see the 360degree photos go here:

Check them out! What a gas! I envision this as the first step in virtual tours of the future.

A fellow I know from work is another artistic techie. He practices various forms of the photographic arts, including Impressionistic Photography.

You could have just as easily googled Impressionist Photography:

He is the first hit!

As for my NYC photography, there was a long-running off-Broadway hit that put it nicely:

I can see it!
Shining somewhere!
Bright lights somewhere invite me to come there
And learn!
And I'm ready!


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