Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Trail Travails #1 - The Dimensions of the Problem

Two items of interest in the traffic news this morning.
It's late so I will only mention one right now.

M291 which is Megan's route up to Liberty had a pot-hole. It was on the Southbound side, so I was mostly concerned with her commute North. (She is taking a intensive class during May.) I figured they would have addressed the situation in some way on her way home, once rush-hour was over.

I noted with interest the dimensions of the hole. I was a BIG hole.
3 ft. wide and 10 in. deep.
Ouch. Not good.

I got to thinking, it's not just knowing the dimensions of your problem, it's assessing their impact.

10 in. wide and 3 ft. deep would have been almost as bad.

If the hole had been 10 ft. deep and 3 in. wide? No problem. (Aside from the possibility of water getting beneath the pavement, causing further erosion.)

If it had been 10 ft. wide and 3 in. deep, we wouldn't even call it a pot-hole.

It's not just that you have a hole. What kind of hole? How deep? How wide? How serious an impact? Some you can ignore, for now. Some need immediate attention.

It's up to you to figure it out.


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