Friday, May 21, 2004

TravelTips:More comments on yesterday's day-trip.

Flew out on the NorthWest (they hub in Detroit) 6:15AM flight. (Not my first choice, but plans change. What can I say, business would be so easy, if it weren’t for those pesky customers… ;->)

This is the same flight Brittany and I will take along with the rest of the LSN Theater students/sponsors who are going to NYC. (In just TWO WEEKS! YEA!)
Shayne Daniel, the theater teacher referred to it as the Butt Crack of Dawn™ flight…

Not that bad really. They do have Starbucks right in the terminals here in KC now. I find a Grande is most appropriate, as the more contentious stews will take it away before the take-off.

That was not a problem with NW. I don’t fly them that often, so I have no idea if this is indicative of the whole system, but both flight cabin crews were somewhat lacking. Both on the way out and the way back, I was uncertain I would get even the minimal soft-drink and snack. On the way back to KC, when I turned around to look at her after being passed, she told me she could not get my attention with my headphones and all. She then deigned to come back and take my request, but only after she went through the excuse AGAIN. I have worn noise-canceling headphones for years while flying.

Lately I wear the excellent Sennheiser PXC250 with NoiseGard active noise compensation, so, when I paused the DVD and waited my turn (which never came) I could hear her better than she could hear me. And they fold up nicely into the carrying pouch. Recommended

All in all, their slogan of "Some people just know how to fly." is technically correct, they did display the expertise to fly me there. Whatever the slogan is supposed to imply regarding customer service was lost on me. And according to this article, more than just I and NW know where I am going... :-/

Lack of a personal vehicle prevented me from trying some likely Coffee and WiFi opportunities, but that can wait for the anticipated return trips.

While back in the airport, I avoided the Online Cafe' as my on-site colleague had pronounced it exorbitant. I tried scanning for a WiFi connection and Viola'! Concourse with no WEP! Could it be true? Oh NO! It is fee-based! (Should have paid more attention though, in addition to some airport info., there was a free link to MSNBC News.

I hope to have more to report on Detroit/Ann Arbor later...


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