Wednesday, May 19, 2004

TekPost: USB Gear 4 your Gadget Bag

I own a ZipLinq USB extension cord that is quite handy for pocket or bag. It was actually in the company's cell phone charger. A nice bonus for double-usage capabilities.

I have decided I want a similar expandable cord that has a 5-pin Mini-USB connector on one end and a full-size A connector on the other.

I have acquired several devices that use this connector including a USB hard-drive enclosure with 20GB laptop drive, the Sony Memory-Stick MagicGate reader/writer and the standard connector that comes with the Sony TH-55 for charging/syncing. This is not as portable or as user-friendly as the lovely charger/sync cable I bought on eBay, but would fit nicely in my pocket with a ZipLinq to allow syncing with a computer having a USB port but lacking IR. In addition, the Sony TH-55 will connect using this type setup and present it's MemoryStick slot as a USB drive, even if no sync software is installed on the computer. Even though I almost always have at least one USB drive in my pocket anyway, one can never have too many 'options' available at all times... ;-)

Another combination buy is the Zip-Linq Mini Optical Retractable Cable Mouse, which features a detachable cable with Mini-USB on the mouse side and standard A connector on the computer side.

I have gotten so used to using an Optical mouse at home and work that I'm thinking one for travel would be just the ticket...

In the process of researching these, I ran across the IOGEAR - 32MB USB Optical Mini Mouse which seems like the ultimate combo device, a Optical Mouse with extensible cable and USB-drive in one...

If the thing's cable was removable and was the Mini-USB I could not resist. As it is, none of these small mice have the forward/back buttons I enjoy so much on the full-size ones at home/work, but I still think one of these will soon be traveling with me.

(As the IOGear blurb pointed out, I would not have to carry my laptop with me tomorrow to Ann Arbor. I could walk into the room, pull this mouse out of my pocket, plug it into a colleague's borrowed laptop and voila' tekkie presentation heaven. Of course, I could do that with any of the various USB drive options I have available. Besides, if things had worked out better, I would be surfing my free WiFi at the local coffee house on the TH-55, not optimal for full relaxation, but that is the subject of tomorrows posting... ;-/)

Ain't Teknowlogy Grand? ;-)


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