Thursday, May 20, 2004

TekPhlPost:The Wonders of the Modern World - Day Trippin'

Today I went to Ann Arbor.

For the day.

I think we forget sometimes what a truely amazing technological world we live in…

Needed to be in Ann Arbor at a client site for a four-hour meeting. I could have been on-site six hours if needed.

I flew from KC to Detroit Metro (MCI to DTW round trip.) and was picked up and driven the twenty miles or so to the client.
(Ironically, within blocks of the Ann Arbor airport, but that is too small for commercial traffic.)

Finished up, got stuck in construction traffic (is there a highway ANYWHERE sans orange barrels?) and flew back.

I am now home and ready to sleep in my own bed.

In contrast, 100 years ago, the 1904 Missouri Pacific line that runs through Lee's Summit could make 60mph at some points. Even so, the trip to the Detroit area would have probably been a two day affair, one-way.

And 200 years ago, Lewis and Clark left St. Louis area on May 14th, and were just beyond the KC area near what is now Atchinson by the time they celebrated the 4th of July.

How far we have come in coming and going. ;-)

Now, where to next?


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