Saturday, May 22, 2004

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Visited the ever-dangerous Half-Price Books, this one in Olathe, KS and found some tomes by my favorite authors.

I have found, with great regret, that Dr. Robert L. Forward passed away two years ago.

I am so hopelessly behind on good reading sitting on the shelf, I had not been actively searching for new items. Bob was not the most prolific, but he was one of the best Hard SF writers I have ever read. He will be missed.

There are several links to his works plus others on his final words.

I found Martian Rainbow.

With his wife, Martha Dodson Forward he wrote Ocean Under the Ice.

Forward is flat-out amazing in his imagination, always well-grounded in hard science, but oh! the possibilities. To give you a hint, in Dragon's Egg and the sequel StarQuake he hypothesizes life on a neutron star. The basis of this life is not chemical reactions, but nuclear. As Keanu Reeves said in his early career, "Whoa!"

Here is another Geeks view of Forward's aliens.

I recommend you find some of his stuff and enjoy.


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