Monday, July 05, 2004

Cinematic Nostalgia AND A Summer BlockBuster? Now That's Entertainment!!!

Taking a cue from my oldest friend I took the family out to see SpiderMan 2 at the Englewood Theater.

I had heard much about this theatrical jewel, but had never made it up to Independence to catch a flick. It remains a neighborhood theater, but built in Art Deco style. The original sconces are mostly intact and the concentric rings overhead are reminiscent of the premiere Art Deco palace, Radio City Music Hall. Kansas City's Music Hall, located in the Municipal Auditorium downtown, is the second best example of Art Deco I have had the pleasure of experiencing. While the lowly Englewood never claimed the gilt and glamour of these two great theaters, it is still a fine example of the style as well as the last Cinemascope screen in the KC area.

I confess I chose this venue for another reason. My lovely wife had quoted a letter to the editor not two days before concerning the theater group that operates the Englewood. In it the owners were explaining that no, they would NOT be profiteering on the Left-Wing Dogma that is F/911. In fact, they fully support the troops AND they play the National Anthem before each performance at their theaters! Choosing a theater whose owner was making a principled stand was just an added bonus.

Not only was the old News-Reel style Anthem played, but we were also treated to a Tom and Jerry cartoon!

As to the main attraction, you may have noticed that MrGadgets is more than willing to tread waist-deep into discussions on normally taboo subjects such as Religion and Politics. I do, however, fully respect the more sensitive and fervently held beliefs, such as Barbeque, Steaks and any movie version of one's favorite Comic Book, Fantasy Author or SciFi Novel... ;-)

(This week's Robot movie will be another test to try men's souls...)

I DO find it interesting that the storyline retains certain anachronisms as a Lunar Astronaut and an elevated train in Manhattan...

Enjoyed the day immensely, the perfect cap to the holiday weekend!


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