Thursday, July 01, 2004

Oxy-Moronic Cinema OR The greatest Docmentary ever staged!

When all you have is a camera, everything seems like a good idea for a movie...

Mr. Moore is the subject of much discussion of late.

Monty Python fans will remember the tune for these words:

Michael Moore, Michael Moore, Railing at the Right.
Michael Moore, Michael Moore, Wants to pick a Fight.
His films have made him Rich...
Though the films themselves were Poor...
Mr. Moore...
Hum-Drum Moore...
Dumb, Dumb Dumb!

Now, Mr. Moore makes Documentaries, or so we are told.

Noun 1. documentary - a film or TV program presenting the facts about a person or event

But wait! Mr. Moore has been known to stage scenes in his movies, so thats not it...

Hmmmm, so what exactly DO we have here?

Well, let's see, we have a commentator/leader who comes up with arbitrary situations and interacts with real-life participants whom he places in these situations, filming the whole mess and calling it entertainment.

Hey! I don't watch the thing, but that sure sounds like Survivor to me!

The situations are designed to play on preconceived notions and maximize audience anxiety.

Fear Factor.

Wow! Michael Moore makes Reality Movies!

Now, I had the immense pleasure of viewing a commercial advertisement for Mr. Moore's latest foray into cinematic in-credulity.

In it, President Bush is pictured making a statement on the War on Terror. The shot immediately cuts to the President turning to the camera and saying: "Now watch this drive!"

Wow! Biting commentary! What artistic brilliance!

Now, don't get me wrong. I could care LESS if Mr. Moore has cleverly taken a shot of a press conference and spliced it with a later scene on the links.

If the President of the United States wants to play a round of the grand old Scottish game, more power to him. Being leader of the free world is a stressful existence, and any recreation he can eke out some time for in his busy schedule is fine by me.

Mr. Moore, of course, wishes to convince a gullible public of the cavalier attitude of the White House on weighty matters.

Apparently it is not proper to take in a round of golf.

All the while Mr. Moore and his ilk have no qualms about Bill Clinton holding up meetings in the Rose Garden while he gets off with an intern young enough to be his daughter in the Oval Office...

Can you say Double-Standard?

In the end, Fact is Fact and Fiction is Fiction and Fiction does not a Documentary make.

To mis-quote Robbie Burns: The Moore was Dreigh


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