Tuesday, June 22, 2004

His Life - The Reader's Digest Version

The big news, today, yesterday, last week, last month, for months now, for weeks to come:  Bubba’a Book.

One BookShop owner likened it to Harry Potter Mania.  (Don’t worry, I am going to restrain myself.  This one  is just tooo easy…)

Apparently the tome is a hefty 957 pages long, huge, even for a fiction book.  (Which some might contend it largely is…)

This alone would make reading it a daunting task.  Add to this the scathing review by no less than the New York Times (Not exactly a ranking member of the vast-right-wing conspiracy) to say nothing of the natural distrust many have for the ex-President and we do not exactly have the most riveting summer best-seller, at least for Red State (tm) voters.

Soooo, having vast experience at making palatable what the general public find less than exciting (Opera) MrGadgets offers, as a Special Service:

The Definitive Short-Version of the BIG Book!

How, you may ask, is this possible?

Through the wonders of a little trick we singers have known for years.  First used by Warner Brother’s in Looney Tunes versions of the musical classics:

Elmer FuddVoice (tm)!

And so, without further ado:

<Elmer FuddVoice>

Ah’ee did a Baaaaad ting.

Ah’eemm vehehehwy vehehehwy sahweeee.

In Fact.  Ah’eemm de Sahweee-ehst Pwehseedent Evvvvuh!

</Elmer FuddVoice>

You’re Welcome.


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