Sunday, June 20, 2004

The only blemish on my Great Day

I am a big believer in the basic precepts, the founding principles.

Like No Taxation Without Representation.

Of course, modern political interpretation of such things leaves much to be desired.

I, for one, am BLOODY TIRED of having a congress critter who has not a single political idea in tune with my own.

Thankfully, she has hit on the shoals of political turmoil and will not be running again.

Unfortunately, the district lines have not changed and the huge chunk of KC proper makes the Democratic primary candidate with both name recognition and party backing far to strong a contender for my tastes.

As if the supposedly non-partisan nature of local KC politics had me fooled, I had my worse fears confirmed today.

On an interview aired on the local CBS affiliate, this ass actually proposed that taking pictures of prisoners with underwear on their heads was what led to PEOPLE GETTING THEIR HEADS SAWED OFF.

Made we want to puke all over again, this time out of disgust.

At least the primary contender on the other side, while lacking name recognition, has the wherewithal to finance her campaign.

Of course, I also have to worry about my State Rep.

Time to get to work.

OK, I'm back. Just volunteered on-line.

Worse comes to even MORE worse, who's for a wee amendment to the 'ol constitution?

All for At-Large representation, raise your hand!


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