Saturday, June 19, 2004

Got a Soccer Ball?

Our best friend's middle daughter is a soccer player.

Today I attended a 3v3 Tournament game.

3v3 has a special set of rules and smaller field, team and time.
The field is less than 1/4th the size of a full-size field.
There is no goalie, only 5 players per team with 3 on the field at any given time. (Hence the name.)
15min. halves, 30min. total game time.

The unique aspect of the game, with the promise of fast-paced scoring, sounded intriguing.

I had no idea what I was about to experience.

The GOT MILK? 3v3 Soccer Shootout is no mere tournament, it is an EVENT.

A grand road-show sponsored by the American Dairy Association with hundreds of kids playing on multiple fields, portable booths with food tie-in give-aways, PlayStation Gaming, soccer/got-milk/3v3 branded memorabilia, moon-walks, sno-cones...


If one comes to your town, check it out, whether you have a kid involved in soccer or not.


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