Thursday, June 17, 2004

The Damsel and the Techno-Mage

My good deed for the day: This morning, I encountered and rescued a Damsel in Distress (Her words, not mine), right there in the CorporateCoffeeChain (Star$s) parking lot. 

While I may have the size and maybe could have developed the strength, I’ve never had co-ordination to be a decent swordsman. Hardly Knight material... :-(

However, I DO look spiffy in my cape-like black coat. (Was not wearing it today, but still...)

Also, I have a hard-won set of technical spells and artifacts, ever ready-at-hand!

I suppose I would have cut a more impressive figure if I had on of my staffs. (One is even colapsable for easy transport!)

In reality, I suppose the fact that I am a harmless looking old fat guy made her more willing to ask assistance.  (Now THAT is depressing.  Not that people feel safe around me, but, you know…)

So, using her discovered jumper cables (We all do keep a set in our cars, yes?  What good are they sitting back home?) we attempted a resuscitation of her non-starting pickup.

No joy, the resounding CLUNKbutNOWhine indicated a errant starter.  Well outside my realm of expertise as well as beyond what can be accomplished in a parking lot.

After entering the Coffee Haus where she still insisted on buying, I introduced myself.  “Christine Kemper” she reciprocated.  Recognizing the name, I offered to give her a ride over to the office park where that well-known KC banking family has a high-tech concern.  Turns out she is a Kemper-in-law.  She gratefully accepted the offer, as her Marketing firm shares office space with her husband’s company.

Her husband, Sandy Kemper, moved out from the downtown KC UMB location to the former Western Electric plant here in Lee’s Summit a few years back.  The company he founded was named eScout at the time.  Recently they changed names to one owned by an acquisition.  Perfect Commerce.  Imagine being  

The type of business is similar to my present vocational path.  Now is not the most propitious time to consider a career change.  In another couple of years, when I will be looking for more flexible location options, who knows?

Moral: Always look for opportunities, they are everywhere.  And never leave a lady in the lurch!



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