Monday, June 14, 2004

The passing of Greatness

I don't know why I should be in any way surprised. This has happened many times before. In a previous life, I traveled extensively abroad, and would miss the passing of one famous person or another completely. To this day, over a decade later, I still am made aware of deaths from that time period that occured during one of my "news blackouts".

I could not let the passing of the great communicator go without a word or two. Being somewhat incommunicado, I missed the innumerable words, of praise or scorn. (Though some of that scorn was expressed in my presence, by the people I spent the week with.)

My oldest friend had a piece published in the Springfield, Mo. News-Leader that expresses what made Ronald Wilson Reagan truly great.

I noted that Ray Charles also passed. Unquestionably a music legend. Not wishing to speak ill of the dead, suffice it to say I have my own personal anecdote about how Mr. Charles treated people.

Mr. Charles was no Ronald Reagan.

RIP and God Bless

God Bless Us, EveryOne


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