Wednesday, June 09, 2004

De la Guarda

De la Guarda is a performance-art piece that is a rave with air support.

It's starts out dark and scary and builds to being dimly lit and scary to finally being well lit and perplexing.

Stomp crossed with flying bodies of a real circus act, not the artsy-fartsy Circ-de-Soleil stuff.

Basically it's all about youthful mating rituals. Tribal, youthful mating rituals.

With hot showers and a full plastic trumpet section.

And I swear that language they are speaking is a dialect of the Martian in "Mars Attacks"...

In summary, I saw a performance-art piece that is a dark scary, perplexing, Tribal Mating Ritual based rave with Stomp-like percussion and a plastic horn section where air-support is provided by a sopping-wet aerial act with people screaming random phrases peppered with "Ack, Ack!"...

And this performance marked their sixth year anniversary.

Any questions?


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