Saturday, June 05, 2004

NYC - Life in the Big City - Mass Transit Blues

Ah! The City (tm)

I really already knew these, just got a BIG reminder...

It ALWAYS takes longer than you think.
Pay Attention(tm), there's a test later.
Never leave a man behind.

All-in-all, a successful trip once we finally GOT there.

Arrived after the "Butt-crack-of-dawn" (tm) departure from KC and picked up @ laGuardia by our guide, Larry. Bus into mid-town and walking tour of Central Park. First though, he took us Uptown to have lunch @ Grey's Papaya. (Yes, the one from "Fools Rush In", supposedly Alex's (Mathew Perry) favorite place in the world. And yes, they ARE great hot dogs!) Across the street is "Urban Outfitters", which is at least not easily accessible back home. (So I am told...) Seeing the "Ask Mr. Barr, he's a push-over" sign in glowing neon letters floating above my head, I escorted a small group North on Broadway to do some evening shopping.

Not my kind of place, but they had a couch, so I sat and, lacking an available WiFi connection, people watched. I especially like to pay attention to footwear in Gotham. You see the darndest things. One young lady was wearing, I kid you not, Betty Boop Boots. Yellow, White and Grey, w) 4.5in. heels.

I was, however, annoyed as hell at the music choices. The first was something out of a Walter/Wendy Carlos wannabe's bad imitation remixed backwards. All of the weird stuff was played unbelievably LOUD. In fact, ANNOYINGLY LOUD is the only overriding theme I could detect.

I had some KOSS headphones that isolate w) rubber ear-pieces and was able to listen to my own stuff on the TH-55.

More later.


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