Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Received word that the new laptop has been processed at work. After getting a 'standard install' I will get delivery in the next few days. I anticipate having to then request some 'non-standard' software be installed by the corporate support group, then turn it over to another group to have the 'all-in-one demo-load' of the software I need for class and courseware development. At that, it will probably take a while to get everything 'tweaked' just so.

Simple, huh?

I spent part of the day saving off data that needs transferring to the new machine.

I am still up in the air as to whether I am going to use this machine for personal e-mail, and if so, what method. I have an large PST file from years of Outlook usage. This functions as a bad archive. (I say bad, because it does NOT lend itself to fast searches.) I have this stored on a 5gig PC-Card. Theoretically, this should allow moving the card from machine to machine. I have yet to find a way to use it in this fashion. In addition the Sony TH55 uses my Outlook Contacts, Notes and Calendar entries.

Looks like Outlook will remain in my future...

I don't know that I have mentioned it, but I have been using gMail (Google Mail) for over a month now. Very powerful system, with very fast searches. If I could come up with a mass export plan, I would rather have the 'archive' web-based and portable. The lack of filtering present on the system would prevent me from using this as my regular mail solution. Still too much SPAM out there...

I have been using POPFile quite effectively to cull the wheat from the chaff. Needs very little 'training'. However, I did not find it transferred very well to the Sony laptop I brought to NYC.

How to transfer POPFile, as well as backups of other personal and business data are always the bugaboo in this transitions. I think I have most of it covered, given the multiple recent failures of my previous T20.

We shall see.

I do intend on a minimalist approach to the new laptop. I will attempt to limit the buildup of extraneous programs that run in the background and sap the CPU of cycles.

Jeff Duntemann is working on Degunking Windows, a guide to just these issues. I may pick up a copy when it comes out, just for some pointers.

Maybe I should really go to the virtual laptop via Knoppix...

Wish me luck and cross your fingers.


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