Wednesday, June 16, 2004

First things first...

I ran across this site while Googling (IBaNAaV) to determine how to export my Outlook Account info. for the new laptop transfer.

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Danger! Danger! Will Robinson! Danger! You have to use Regedit and export a Key!

If you want to backup your Accounts Information, follow these steps:

Start the Registry Editor
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Internet Account Manager Accounts
Select the Accounts key
From the menu select Registry > Export Registry File
Select a name for the file, select the location where you want to save it, and from the Export range, make sure that Selected branch is selected
Click Save
If you want to restore your Accounts Information, simply Double click on the registry file, and the values will be imported to your registry (you will have to re-boot for the process to be completed).
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The SlashDot post got me thinking. Maybe my travails with re-loading are not as far out of the mainstream as I thought. (Every Month!?!)

I also must be WAY out of it, as I have never even HEARD of nearly half the listed 'must-haves'.


Trillian is a universal IM client. I don't IM, (Gasp!)so that explains that.

Azureus implements Bittorrent downloads in Java. Never got the traditional bittorrent clients to DL properly. Will have to give this a go.

Nmap is Nmap Security Scanner version 3.50. Hmmm, this 'Don't install things on the new machine' position is getting more and more tenuous... ;-)

I admit to being confused by GKrellM until I finally found the nearly buried windows link. A bit to complex for my present philosophic bent.

The really important question is:
What are MY 'must-haves'?

Help me out by E-Mailing me yours...


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