Wednesday, June 23, 2004

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Mezmorizing Melodies - Mouth Music

Cleaning up and found this:

Celtic Mouth Music

Fascinating stuff. I have most of these loaded on a MemStick in the TH-55 and have been listening over and over.

Some of the tunes are literal vocal imitations of piping. One gentleman actually uses the word "diddling" to describe what he is about to perform! (Yet another example of the US/UK language/cultural dichotomy. Two peoples separated by a common language...) Others have rhythmic usage of lyrics, many in Gaelic or Breton.

Mrs. Arthur MacArthur (who could make this up?) describes it all simply as "Music you can dance to."

Certainly that, and more.

Amazon has it for sale, including some samples.

And remember:
Oh! You'll nae get a lain' o'my kettle agin',
You'll nae get a lain' o'my kettle agin',
The last time you got it, you devil' you broke it!
You'll nae get a lain' o'my kettle agin'!


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