Friday, June 25, 2004

The great Michael Moore/Ray Bradbury comparison that wasn't...

I really had a grand scheme for tonight's posting.
One of those Ray is this Michael is that things that I think are so clever.
With pictures even. At the Left, Moore of course. While I doubt Ray would covet the Right label, Moore is so far afield everybody else who has ever lived on this planet is probably somewhere to his right...

With the requisite series of contrasting statements of fact. (Which epitomizes Bradbury and is sorely missing in much of Mr. Moore's work.)

I, however, am in the middle of changing my wife's and in the process my, entire existence, so I have not the time.

As I thought on this, I decided it is just as well.

Thousands will flock to the theater to see Moore's flick, but how many are not already true-believers?

In the end, Ray Bradbury is a recognized literary genius, who wrote a horrifying masterpiece on the dangers of Statism and thought control. His title was both creative and MEANINGFUL. Wherever Mr. Bradbury fell on the Political Scale, he recognized that the entire RIGHT SIDE OF THE SQUARE is where the problem lies, the closer to the edge, the greater the danger.

Mr. Moore is so far up and to the right that we need a BIGGER BLOODY SQUARE. While he prattles on about the Patriot Act anyone barely awake and PAYING ATTENTION(TM) recognize him as a classic Statist. Mr. Moore has no problems with taking away your rights and choices. (I refer you to his last movie. And no, it was not about throwing large heavy balls at pins. Where DOES this guy come up with titles?!?) Mr. Moore wants a State that forces the right (HIS) choices on everybody (ESPECIALLY YOU). He is a blatant political hack, whose product is tripe and who chose this title because everyone would think it was cool and intellectual but more improtantly he needed something recognizable THAT HAD A NUMBER IN IT...

In short, Mikey was barely worth the time it took me to type this.

E-Mail Michael Moore and tell him what a liar Mr. Gadgets is...


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