Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Desperate Dems

Among the many stories of Republican offices being over-run, shot at and burglarized, comes this little piece from the People's Republic of Madison:

Swastika Burned Into Grass On Bush-Cheney Supporter's Lawn

This is a rather standard line.  Republicans are Right-Wing Radicals who want to take away all our rights and place us in a police-state theocracy.  Mostly, it is the first-ditch epithet in the almost unlimited name-calling and mud-slinging accepted now-a-days when the speaker's extremely limited set of talking-points is actually countered by >Shudder< FACTS and their equally limited intellect has no other recourse but to start acting like a below average Kindergartner on the playground.  In fact such drivel passes for Political discourse, to the point that not only do water-boys/girls like Mikey Moore get away with saying such things on television, in print and in films, but the candidates themselves engage in barely concealed versions of same.

Now, let us look at this statement, in terms of it's factual basis.  >>SHUDDER<<

Nazi, for those of you who have no historical background or education, i.e. Liberals, was actually slang for National Socialist Party.  (Hey, it makes since in German, trust me.  Or don't and go look it up yourself...)

National, for total governmental control.  Nationalization of the industrial base.  

Socialist.  Collectivism.  Lack of personal property rights.  All, of course, in the name of addressing social ills and making things 'fair'.

Put these two together (An ability which Hitler and his thugs exhibited with particular acumen) and you have Statism, in it's purest.

The Party refers, obviously, to a political party.  Yes children, times were so bizarre in post WWI Germany that, though a process of intimidation, propaganda and demagoguery, were actually ELECTED into office...

Results: Suppression of personal rights.  Active suppression of religious rights.  (To the point of KILLING you for your religious beliefs.  Not a unique situation in European history.  Go look it up.  I starting by typing "Thirty Years War" into your favorite search engine.) Suppression of property rights...  You get the idea.

Now, fast forward to the present, Politically Correct world:

Let us remove the political parties from the discussion, though you are free to make your own conclusion...

Assuming we are going to make the fundamentally stupid and limiting decision to force this discussion into a single axis of discussion, let us use this set of labels:

Conservative -------------------------------------Liberal

Which side of this scale thinks the property rights of land-owners means nothing say, vis-a-vis Environmental Laws?

Which side of this scale wants to limit all religious symbolism, discussion, etc.?

Which side of this scale are Statists whose answer to every question is a new tax for a new Federal Bureaucracy?

I could go on and on.

Which side of this scale think that Republican offices/yards/property being vandalized, over-run by protesters, shot at and burglarized is somehow justified?

Of course, the same side of this scale that thinks that embarrassing a political prisoner by placing underwear on his head justifies CUTTING OFF SOMEONE'S HEAD...

As to the political parties associated with Liberalism and Conservatism,..

We report, you decide.

Oh! BTW.  One of the first things the NAZI's did?

Gun Control.

Now, tell me again who the NAZI is?


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