Saturday, September 18, 2004

Great Cup 'a Joe and WiFi in DownTown Jeff

Spending the week-end at the apartment in the City and do'in some shopping. We had already connected wirelessly this morning at breakfast. Of all places Country Kitchen here in Jefferson City has free WiFi! Now, we are doing some downtown shopping, after visiting my wife's state office building. The girls are checking out a favorite store or two (while this is my first trip down since moving my better half, my youngest daughter has visited twice, the second trip with her older sibling.) While they are further exploring the fashion offerings, I have a chance to check out Jeff's Coffee/WiFi offering, Yanis Coffee Zone. Taisir Yanis, the owner, has a brother who operates Coffee joints in Columbia that also feature a free wireless connection. In addition, desktops are available, did not check if there are any fees involved. Gyros, Greek salads, hummus and spinach pie and some good-looking desserts. Family house-brand: Rocket Fuel. A nice mix of Delta Blues precludes the need to break out the headphones. Recommended.

BTW, Jefferson City was chosen as the capitol for the then Missouri territory in 1821. (This choice of a central capitol for the state mimics the state's county seats. For most of the counties in Missouri, the county-seat is centralized. In all cases, no point in the county if more than one day's ride by horse-back from the seat of local government. In the case of the state capitol selection, it is not only centralized in the territory/state, but was also mid-way between the two population centers along the principal transportation system of the time, the Missouri River.) The main retail center and location of the downtown shops is not Main street, but rather High Street, the British fashion. Question: Is Jeff the only city West of the Mississippi to have a High Street?


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