Wednesday, September 08, 2004

40 Minutes

I didn't bother to watch DAhn RAHther interview Ben Barnes regarding his re-hashed 'revelation' of having 'facilitated' George W. Bush's National Guard spot.

After all, if you really don't think you already know what he was going to say, CBS has it plastered onto the link above. I doubt I missed much.

Why, you ask.

Because I have an idea who Ben Barnes is.

Ex-Texas Lt. Gov. (hey ANOTHER Lieutenant!) who's political career was ruined by financial scandal.

He is apparently a good friend of Kerry from trips to islands off the Cape of Cod...

What's more, he is listed as a Vice-Chair on Kerry's web-site. (And these people had the gall to make claims of Bush connections to the Swifties? True they mostly consisted of something along the lines of 'Well, George Bush is from Texas and the guy who put up the money for the television ads is from Houston and, well, they're all TEXANS...' THIS, people is a REAL CONNECTION.)

Meanwhile, O'Reilly had Larry Korb (An Assistant Secretary of Defense under Reagan) during the same segment.

To sum up Mr. Korb's argument: "If George W. Bush had served in Vietnam, his perspective on the whole 'quagmire' aspect of Iraq would have changed his decision.

Hmmm, I suppose so. I can suppose a LOT of things. Mostly it is the ivory-tower diplomat-speak that is Mr. Korb's bread and butter now-a-days.

Two things I find interesting:

The Kerry Campaign yells loudest that it doesn't want to talk about Vietnam just as other voices are doing it for them...

Here it is the week after the convention and there just HAPPEN to be TWO guard-service segments on simultaneously on Wed. evening. One for the die-hard libs who still watch CBS and expect anything approaching JOURNALISM. The other on 'that right-wing cable network' that has the more 'reasonable' questions regarding guard-service.

There are no co-incidences...


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