Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Saudi Media-Blitz?

Is anyone else hearing the same ad-spots that have been playing this week here in KC?
They are playing on at least one of the two major Talk-Radio outlets.

Very low-key, with a refined touch in the choice of spokesman.  
(To judge by the accent,  the product of a fine English education.  Eaton perhaps?)

First he lists various contentions that have received various amounts of media attention.
Then proceeds to quote the 9-11 commission's findings, refuting each.

Finally, the narrator makes a statement of solidarity of the Saudi people with Americans.

I find this most interesting.  I have yet to see TV versions.  Could this be a concerted
effort to target the talk-radio (ostensibly Conservative) audience?

Let me know if you see/hear anything similar in your market...


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