Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Talk Radio Commentary

The subjects on one local Radio Talk outlet this morning were of interest, though I failed to make it on-the-air.

The first subject was the news that the Governor of the great state of Illinois has decided to defy federal authority and condone Illinois resident's orders for prescription drugs from various foreign sources.

(Now, don't get me wrong, I am as big a fan of defiance of Federal authority as the next guy. Probably bigger. I just doubt the altruism in his honor's motives. But then, isn't that the way with MOST forms of altrusim?)

The second subject was the final column written by Walter Cronkite for syndication. He apparently advocated free air-time for candidates and the banning of other forms of political advertizments.

Here is what I just e-mailed to the host:

Re: Illinois Gov. saying it's OK to buy drugs from England, Scotland and Ireland.

Waited on my cell, but the Pro-Leach callers were queued up ahead of me and I missed the segment.

I feel the same way about this as I did about the hub-bub surrounding the closing of the 'RX' outlets in KS a few months back. They (the 'RX' people) were ordering Canadian drugs for Kansas residents.
As I pointed out then about the Canadians, I am SURE the English and Scots will be THRILLED to hear that the confiscatory taxes they pay into their Government-Run Health-Care System is benefitting their American cousins... (I don't have the personal knowledge of Ireland, but it is probably the same.)

Sorry George, have to disagree with you. This is NOT being self-reliant. In fact, it is the first step on the path to Govt. controlled medicine. If you think that is a good idea, you should talk to the Hospital workers in Detroit and Buffalo about the many cross-overs they have in their surgical facilities.

I have an even better story, if you have the time, I will relate it in the future.

Re: Walter thinking that ads should be free and no paid advertizing.

Sorry Walter, and, for that matter, sorry Supreme Court of the United States, Money IS Political Speech. The fact that a Majority of the public feels uncomfortable with the results of some segement of the populace exercising this right and that the Supreme Court is willing to let this public sentiment influence their decision does not negate the basic truth of my statement. My buying a comercial on KCMO 710 to express my opinion is EXACTLY analogous to my carrying a soap-box into Hyde Park in 19th Century London and speaking my mind to passers-by. It is just that Hyde Park Corner had a much higher percentage of the London populace passing by in the 1800's and I could reach my 'target audiance' via my vocal-chords alone. Now-a-Days, I make use of the free-market driven media available to me. I, for one, think it is well within the rights of Susquehanna to attract an audiance with entertaining and informative programming and SELL access to said audience. State-Run Radio has traditionally been the tool of Communist and Socialist countries...


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