Monday, August 16, 2004

The Cyber-Axe/The Next Wave

I, am a Guitar Man. Specifically, an Acoustic Guitar Man.

Gibsons, even more specifically, though I do own a Martin Travel Stick.

The lure of the solid-body electric has never been the love affair that has enriched the lives of many. m\My oldest friend is one of these aficionados of the laudable classic rock-N-roll axes.

I admit, I have longed for a nice arch-top on which I could pretend to play Jazz bar-chords...

I do not play the guitars I own now nearly as much as they deserve, so these were but idle day-dreams. But always, acoustic dreams.

Until now.

Part of the time away from music-making is my other great love and pass-time, technology.

And now, comes the announcement of the ultimate convergent-technology.

And so, I give you the first solid-body I have truly lusted after:

The Gibson Digital Guitar.

In addition to the Ethernet port (as if that was not inherently cool enough to get me salivating...) the copy lists several features of the new technological marvel:

  • Gibson's patented HEX pickup, which senses up-and-down motion (like an acoustic guitar pickup) and side-to-side motion (like an electric guitar pickup) for each string.
Apparently I should have been PLUCKING instead of strumming all these years...

  • Gibson's BreakOut Box, with 8 outputs (1/4" jacks) - one for each string, plus classic humbucking pickup output and pass-through for microphone; 2 inputs carry audio back to guitar for monitoring; split mode assigns strings to different amps

In other words, you can then use split mode to assign each of the six strings to a different amplifier.

Why the hell would I want to do that?


So, on this, the day the King of Rock-N-Roll passed from this mortal-realm, I give you the future.

Should be one HELL of a ride...


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