Saturday, August 14, 2004

Mimic's Mid-Day March Memorializes Modern Music's Majesty

For the 17th year, downtown Kansas City hosted the annual Elvis Parade to commemorate the passing of the King of Rock-N-Roll. It was held yesterday, Friday 13th, at Barney Allis Plaza. I was not able to attend this year's festivities, which I would have especially enjoyed, as none other than Weird Al himself was Grand Marshal.

This is an especially notable year, in that, earlier this summer marked the first of the Sun sessions in Memphis. And thus, was Rock-N-Roll born.

Rock-N-Roll, 50 Years old. The music of the Baby-Boomer generation. It touched us all, to a greater, or even EVEN MORE THAN THAT extent.

And so, the KC Elvi came and marched to celebrate the King.
For Monday is not a day of Mourning, it is a day of celebration.
Of a life of music.
Of a Music of Life.

The King is Dead,
Long Live his Music.


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