Monday, August 09, 2004

Sighting:Typical KC Suburban Democrat's Transport

Nothing REALY rare, like a Wyandote County Kansas Republican, mind you, but note-worthy, none-the-less.

Instead of the usual economy model, usually 10+ years old, this guy was driving a late-model SUV! (What WOULD his Eco-bretheren think?)

How did I know this was a Democrat's Conveience?

Their were various and sundry Bumper-Stickers on the rear window.
(Does anybody actually put Bumper-Stickers on Bumpers anymore?)
AS this was, as mentioned a newer model, they were on glass only, not covering the entire rear-end of the vehicle. After all, even the most dedicated supporters have their limits.

One read: Protect America - Dump Bush

I could not help but wonder how much solidarity he would find amongst his fellow liberals of the Auto-Workers-Union if he was to park the Toyota Rav4 in the parking-lot of the local Ford or GM plants...


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