Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Primary Day

Primary, meaning in this case first, ala Primary school.

How come the one in November isn't called the Secondary Election? ;-)

Voted early, went ahead and voted my party of choice, instead of crossing over to cast votes for weaker candidates on the other side. (Election results reveal that is just as well, would have done no good...)

Perused the other parties on the ballot. (Here in Jackson Co. MO we use the infamous 'hanging-chad' punch-card system. I could read through all the candidates names.)

Although my party of choice had some disappointing division and contention in various races, it is nothing to compare with the Democrats. The sitting governor, Mr. Personality, has been successfully challenged by another member of his own party. Unfortunately, she succeeded. (That was one of my cross-over temptations. I view her as a more formidable opponent in the Fall.)

I noticed there was a Reform Party ballot available, though there were no candidates listed on the ballot. Is this the last vestige of Ross Perot's personal vendetta against George H. W. Bush in the '90s?

BTW, what is with the State Treasurer's office? From the amount of entries in the two major parties, one would think there was Banana Republic-like income opportunities in handling all those tax funds... ;-)

As the evening draws to a close, I am surprised by some results and pleased with others.

I am still not sure about the situation with the open US House seat in my district. The candidate who won the Primary has ample funds, but little political experience. I, for one, think of that as a plus. We will see what happens.

Now, the real fun begins. See you there!


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