Thursday, July 29, 2004

Fw: Scheduled Events for Dem Convention Tonight

Just received this from a friend. I think it is worth noting that I was attempting to Google (IBaNAaV) the legit schedule for the convention Monday evening while up in Minneapolis earlier this week.
I got nothing but hits to versions of this joke version on the first page of results.


6:00pm - Opening flag burning ceremony.
6:05pm - Pledge of Allegiance to the United Nations.
6:10pm - Secular words by Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.
6:30pm - Anti-war concert by Barbra Streisand.
6:45pm - Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.
7:00pm - Tribute theme to France.
7:10pm - Collect offerings for al-Zawahri defense fund.
7:30pm - Tribute theme to Germany.
7:45pm - Anti-war rally moderated by Michael Moore.
8:25pm - Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.
8:30pm - Terrorist appeasement workshop.
9:00pm - Homosexual marriage ceremony for male and female couples.
9:30pm - CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN urge defeat of President Bush.
10:00pm - Posting the Iraqi Colors by Sean Penn and Tim Robbins.
10:10pm - Reenactment of Kerry's fake medal toss.
10:30pm - Cameo by Howard 'Yeeearrrrrrrgh!' Dean
10:40pm - Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.
10:50pm - Special thanks to the New York Times & Washington Post.
11:00pm - Multiple homosexual marriage ceremony for threesomes and groups.
11:15pm - Maximizing Welfare workshop.
11:30pm - Saddam Legal Defense Fund pep rally.
11:50pm - Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.
12:00am - Nomination of Democratic candidate.


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