Saturday, July 24, 2004

Haute Couture

Fashion, not my Forte', as a quick glance will attest.

Did you know that the concept of following the 'latest fashion' was invented by our 'ol pals, the French? All a part of Louis XIV's little party out at Versailles... The entire operation was designed to keep the French nobility impoverished and unable to challenge his power.

Thus, new expensive outfits every few months.

Men have, thankfully, thrown off the shackles of French poofery, save one. The high-heeled shoes, the powdered wigs, the knee-high stockings and short pants. The wearing of make-up and lace cuffs and cravats.

Well, there is that one thing. The last vestige of the cravat, the neck-tie.

Most of my customers are business-casual, which, for me means I don't have to pack the loathsome things. Since I wear long-sleeve dress shirts on most of these trips, whatever the weather, this is but a small amount of room in my case, but much more comfortable.

Other than the width of these affectations, as well as the corresponding lapels of the suit-coat or sport-jacket and the whether pants should have a cuff or not are pretty much the limit to what passes for 'Fashion' for the average American male. And the whole cuff thing is more preference than anything else now-a-days. Barring some extreme widths, either narrow or wide, a suit of clothes looks today pretty much as it did back to the 1930's. Oh, I suppose you could throw in collars, but still, not exactly wild fluctuations.

Of all the fashion changes through the years, the cessation of the wearing of hats, I find most lamentable. I make it a personal habit and think this would make a fine new trend.

Of course, when it comes to the fairer sex, all bets are off.
I suppose this is one reason they are known as the fairer sex...

Why this particular subject matter you ask?

On this fine, but rainy day, I ventured to Dillard's department store with my wife and high-school junior. Apparently, last years formals are marked down 75% this time of year to clear the racks for the 'new' dresses...

At $25 each, we picked up 6 dresses for the price of what ONE went for originally.
What is not to like?

At $25, I only wish more formal occasions occurred, as a complete skirt and blouse can run me a higher tab than this.

As for me, I actually enjoy watching What Not To Wear with my daughters, but as to how much I apply personally, don't hold you breath.

Hey, I don't look THAT bad, do I?


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